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White Rice and the Paleo Diet

White Rice Addiction?

Are Grains Addictive?

Several paleo or low-carb experts like Dr. Kurt Harris and Paul Jaminet, among others, such as the author of Fiber Menace, say that white rice is a safe carbohydrate. It is very low in fiber, contains no phytates and digests easily. The difference between all the various Paleo diets out there is quite interesting. White rice is just one area of discussion that you’ll find on the Paleo Web sites and blogs. But this post isn’t about whether you or I should or shouldn’t eat grains on a Paleo diet. I’m not the Paleo police and I’m still learning what works for me, never mind what works for you!

I just find this one thing fascinating… I can tolerate white rice better than any other grain, but the one thing I still find is that it makes me want more… more “something.” When I eat rice, I spend all evening snacking on whatever I can find in the house until I finally go to bed. When I eat no grains (including no white rice), this doesn’t happen. I might have some fruit and cream and maybe one piece of 85% or 70% chocolate in the evening and that’s it. I just don’t get the same cravings.

I would really like to hear other people’s opinions on this “addictive” quality of grains. Or is it just my imagination?

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Quinoa: Straying from the Paleo Diet

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted a snack to have while watching NetFlix, so I took a bag of quinoa out of my cupboard and cooked some up. It made a great rice-pudding-like dessert mixed with blueberries and cream. However, my digestion wasn’t very happy with me and I suffered the old, pre-Paleo bloating and…

Bone Broth Made from Beef Feet

Okay, I’m really excited! I just found beef feet at my local Asian supermarket (for Vancouverites: the T&T Supermarket in Coquitlam Centre). Today I’m making bone broth from duck feet (chicken feet make excellent stock, but I’ve never tried duck feet before), but I’ve been wanting to make stock from beef feet for a few…

Listening to Your Body: A Double-edged Sword

You will hear many people say, “You should listen to your body,” or “Your body knows best.” It sounds so sensible and so organic. But it isn’t always good advice and it isn’t always true! “Listening to your body” can be a double-edged sword! For one thing, we don’t always recognize what our body’s signals…

Paleo Egg Muffins

Mark Sisson has a recipe for egg muffins in his “Primal Blueprint Cookbook.” Tonight I decided to try the recipe because my grandsons are coming to visit on the weekend and I thought they might like them. But the boys are vegetarians, so I bought some “Mexican-seasoned fake ground round” to use in place of the…

A Contest: Mark Sisson’s 30-Day Paleo Challenge

Today in Mark Sisson’s 30-Day Challenge, he is asking his readers to answer ten questions about their experiences in going Paleo. He will compile the answers into a digital ebook. Each answer counts as one entry in Mark’s contest. Ten questions means ten opportunities to win. Here’s the link if you want to enter: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/contest-share-your-wisdom/. Make…

Making Bone Broth in a Slow Cooker or Crockpot

I made a few one-pot meals in my new crockpot recently, but I wasn’t very impressed. The meat was tasteless; all the flavour was in the liquid that was sucked out of the meat. Every meal tasted pretty much the same. I guess if you’re really in a rush in the evenings, it could be…

Dairy is Neolithic, not Paleolithic!

While the various paleo/primal diets that are currently popular vary in opinion as to whether you should eat dairy or not, I just wanted to clear up a few things. Our Paleo ancestors did not drink milk, except their mother’s, of course. While the Maasai keep cattle and drink their milk and their blood, their Paleo ancestors…

Is a Low Carb, Paleo Diet Too Expensive?

At first I thought it would be too expensive to eat primal the right way with grass-fed beef and pastured chicken, etc., but when I realized what I wouldn’t be buying (no bread, pasta, processed foods; almost no canned or packaged foods) and how satisfying eating high fat was, I began to think this way of…

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