Paleo Lamb Shoulder Roast, Jamie Oliver and Not Being Perfect

I have noticed recently that I often find excellent Paelo-type recipes online from Jamie Oliver. Jamie is the UK’s famous chef whose Food Revolution gave Brits back the desire and the skills to cook great meals at home, instead of relying on highly processed food and takeaways (takeout).

How did he do it? He made it simple. He used regular supermarket ingredients, he made it casual, he made it natural. By natural, I don’t mean organic veggies and grass-fed meat, I mean, he made it seem like cooking at home was a normal, simple, easy, commonsense thing to do. Yes, Jamie would love you to be using organic veggies, fresh from your own garden, eggs from your backyard chickens and grass-fed beef, but that’s not the lofty goal he set… he just wanted to get people cooking again and making healthier food choices whenever possible.

While Jamie has plenty of more complicated recipes, the ones I favour are his simple ones, such as a delicious, slow-roasted lamb shoulder. Anyone can do this! He includes vegetable and sauce recipes with the meat recipe, but you don’t have to make those, if you don’t want to.

Just slash the fat on a lamb shoulder roast, rub the roast all over with olive oil and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Throw some unpeeled garlic cloves and a few whole sprigs of rosemary into the roasting pan. (Garlic and rosemary are optional.) Cover the roasting pan tightly (with a lid or tinfoil) and pop it into a 500 F oven. Turn the heat down to 350 F immediately and let your roast cook for 4 hours. Take it out of the pan, cover it and let it sit for a few minutes. Pull apart with two forks!

Make whatever veggies you want, deglaze the roasting pan and make whatever sauce or gravy you want… or don’t even bother with sauce.

I have red cabbage salad and leftover roasted veggies (acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, heritage carrots, etc.) to go with the roast. I probably won’t bother with sauce, but I might reheat the veggies in the roasting pan that will have some lovely lamb fat in it after I remove the roast. Simple, easy, incredibly delicious. And so what if your lamb isn’t 100% grass fed? Neither is that lamb curry from the Indian restaurant down the street, neither is that meatloaf in the microwave dinner in your freezer!

By the way, New Zealand lamb is 100% grass-fed by law, so my lamb roast is more “organic” than most supermarket meat. But that’s not the point. The point is that you can’t always have a Paleo-perfect diet. Doing something (anything!) to improve your diet is better than doing nothing!

Here’s the link to Jamie’s recipe:

And you can join Jamie’s Food Revolution here.

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